Friday, April 27, 2007

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Don't let it be said that she isn't mobile.

We have tried yogurt for the first time today and it appears to be good. Which is excellent news considering the generally fragile nature of her disposition yesterday, and even today to a certain extent. On Thursday, Jason brought her to the library on the way to get children's tylenol (of which the store was out) and to get a respite from whine-y, fussy Baby Girl. She brightened everyone's day, crawled all over mom during her lunch break, and then went home with dad and continued to stew. When I got home last night (with the children's tylenol!), she continued to be fragile.
A lot of this is undoubtedly due to the waking at 3 am she did that morning and then again at 6 for the day. Today was about the same with a 5:45 am wake up. Her naps have all, except for about 30 minutes, been in arms. In fact, this afternoon, I didn't even try to settle her anywhere, just held her. But, that meant that she slept for about 4 hours today, and this evening she seems more like her own sweet-disposition self, and less like spawn-child.

So, as you can see from the video, it's hard to tell if the crankiness is because she is really working on her mobile skills (she's got mad skills), or a tooth, or if there is something else secret inside that will make her seem even more brilliant (as if that were possible).

We shall see what time the wake-up is tomorrow morning. Anyone need a 6 a.m. wake-up call?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Apoplectic Alarm Clock

So, big weekend. On Friday, I had to go in for a strategic meeting at work while the carpets were worked on, on Saturday there was a Fundraiser's Dinner at Church, so Dad was kind of busy, and on Sunday, while Baby Girl and I were heathens in the morning, we did head off to Kankakee in the afternoon with Dad for Debbie Harris's installation.
Debbie was installed two years ago as an interim at First Presbyterian in Kankakee at which, amusingly, Baby Girl's Grandpa Joe preached; this was an installation, however, of her becoming their full-time, can't-get-rid-of-her-short-of- a-scandal pastor. Although, it's funnier to say that the first installation just didn't take.
This was the first time that Baby Girl got to meet (and vice versa) that illusive character known as Reverend Keith Harris. Nine months after having her (and a yummy box from Omaha Steak), Baby Girl got a chance to focus her little blue eyes on yet one more of the persons responsible for helping to bring her into this world.
Keith was reticent to take that much credit.
On Monday, since I had had to work on Friday, I had the day off and Jason had a meeting at Stronghold in Oregon, IL. So we packed into the car that morning, and headed off to enjoy the day together as best we could: in the car.
Actually, Baby Girl had a pretty good time. She was cooed at by all kinds of people, and had mom's undivided attention, and scads of people to look at. She got to eat with everyone, then her and mom went out and played around in the car,

then we took a walk through the grounds. Then she got more milk and headed back into the car seat and got home in time to eat dinner, play uproariously, and head off to dreamland.

This intensely busy schedule led Baby Girl on Tuesday morning to sleep until 6:50 a.m.!! This is unheard of, and created a renewed sense in her father and I about how God is indeed good and we joked about how our "alarm clock" didn't go off.

This morning, we set an alarm clock for 6 a.m.
The alarm woke her up, an at th mo kent she is hellping me to tpye this ..

*Sigh*, God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Playing Pass the Baby

Melissa made the remark, and I have to second it, that there are a lot of people who like to hold babies. Absolute strangers, people who would probably never look at you even once, suddenly want to be your best friend when you're holding a baby.

Even though this is frequently annoying, sometimes it leads to really neat experiences. A week or two ago, Melissa, Roslyn and I had stopped off in a Caribou Coffee on the way home from a meeting. As we sat down, drinking our coffee drinks, an older woman from India came in and began making faces at Roslyn. Even though Melissa was holding Roslyn, she looked to me for permission to hold Roslyn.

It was an odd moment, not because she was looking to me for permission rather than Melissa (even though this was odd), but because of how it made me feel. When she did this it felt like she was naming something that I felt, but hadn't yet named.

I am Roslyn's protector.

Obviously, I'm not her only one. But it has now become one of my central identity markers, and it's one that feels much more primal than most of the other identity markers. Let's be honest, Melissa doesn't need a protector; she can take care of her self. As Pastor, well, that role is important, but it certainly doesn't evoke some of the instinctual emotions that I feel about taking care of Roslyn.

But this lady, in looking to me for permission, acknowledged something in me that I hadn't even realized I felt. Most strangers who come up to us while the three of us are out and want to get their grimy paws on her always look to Melissa first even if I'm holding her. But here, I was given acknowledgment of my role in this, and it felt right.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Leap-frogging into the 20th C.

So I got a new toy.
I finally decided that maybe this whole cellular phone thing was here to stay, it wasn't going to be a flash-in-the-pan technology, and maybe it was time to get one. So after some negotiation with Cingular, we converted Jason's plan to a family plan.
Here's my new toy.
It includes a 1.3 mp camera, at which you are looking at the results here. I finally got my data cable in the mail last night, along with my 1 Gig micro SD memory card (so small! Keep baby girl away!) and mp3 capability, so I am in the midst of figuring out Audacity so I can make my own ringtones and then personalize everyone I know. Of course, that doesn't mean I will remember what everyone is supposed to sound like.
So, hopefully there will be grocery store pictures in our future and you will get to see Baby Girl in all of her charming glory at Jewel-Osco midst the peaches and the spinach greens.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh dear, hide the envelopes

She started pulling herself up when seated in front of one of our desks. She grabs the drawer handles and pulls. She has also discovered that when she does this, she can also negotiate them open.

The Days are long, but the Years are short

Today for breakfast she had oatmeal and prunes and a plate of toast bites with pureed apricot for jam, banana, and pear. Once she gets the finger food, all else goes out the window; she won't eat from a spoon until she is good and ready. She is diligently eating her toast, she picks up a piece and it falls on her tray, just underneath the plate. She looks at it, then she very methodically picks up the plate full of food and casts it aside so she can get to the little bit of toast that has fallen underneath it.
I would not be surprised if this gets turned into a sermon metaphor someday.

She is starting to add a pseudo-"b" sound to her consonant babble and, I think by the end of the month, she could be ambulatory. Yesterday for the first time she got up on all fours, and started to rock back and forth very hard. This was really new, and she was so surprised that she rocked so hard that eventually she shot forward and her limbs gave out from underneath her as her center of balance shifted.

Oh, and in case you were keeping track, Tuesday was Referendum Day and both questions failed. Ugh.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Have you filed yet?

Tax Day!
For the first time in our married life--almost ten years--we are getting a refund, and we already know how we're going to spend it all.
Way to drive the economy, kid!Tax Day!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Must be the natives

So we're at the grocery store today, and you would think we have the happiest baby on the planet. She is so fascinated by everyone and everything, and is as quick to coo at them as they are to make eyes at her.
But all of this good natured fun does not preclude a stormy disposition.

She is tired.

It has been a busy weekend. On Friday we went to DeKalb, which in and of itself threw off her naps, but then there were all the people to adore. Then on Saturday, Jason and me got a date (together!), but that meant in the afternoon she went to the Sawyer house with all of the Sawyer women and, 45 minutes of naptime later, she was ready to play! And I think play they did. Today has not been overwhelmingly successful, either. She woke up after only an hour in the afternoon: her little mind racing and ready to play, her body just about ready to give out.
Of course, all of this agonizing sleep scheduling comes with an upside: extreme baby progress. In addition to the tooth, she's decided her first consonant is a hard "g", she is pulling herself up when we sit at the crib,
and, especially when she's on a soft surface and that little tummy doesn't pudge out quite so much, she will on occasion get up on her knees.
However, I can feel the next phase coming toward us in a wave. The early mornings will start to get really restless again, and then the mid-nights, and then the shortly after we go down, and the naps: well, they're almost ready to go to hell in a hand cart.100_4410
But, this won't be like the other times that we've suffered through these things because, for one, we know this restlessness will end (after that two month-long one from January to March, ugh) and, two, she's just getting so darn capable, I can almost forgive her anything.100_4395
Let's just hope she doesn't push it at 3 am. I'm much less forgiving then.Tuckered Out

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Intro from Jason's point of view

I'll be the first to admit that journaling is not my forte. Well, maybe the second. When told to keep a journal for a class in seminary, I didn't do any of it until the night before I was supposed to turn it in. I'm pretty sure that professor would be the first. Needless to say, that episode was not one of my more ethical moments.

Regardless, I'm tempted to contribute to this. Not because I think I've changed my journaling skills, or because I'm more mature than I was before, but because it's not mine. This is Melissa's. I'm just going to be a gnat on a wall, occasionally pitching in my two, three or four cents.

So welcome to our little bit of baby induced insanity.

Naked Lunch

Baby Girl is becoming more and more adept at moving bits of food from her tray and into her mouth. She is fearless in the face of goo. However, this does not encapsulate her care providers.
I have always been quite, well not exac
tly fearless in the face of goo, more of a renegade gorilla (sic) with a sponge. Even Jason finds himself angling away from the projectile hands, as beautifully seen here:

There is nothing quite so sticky as
little fingers covered in anything. Except perhaps the cold drool which constantly emits from her mouth.
However, we have finally realized a purpose for all of the drool. On Tuesday, Jason called me at work, very excited because Baby girl had bit down on his finger. Notice I said *bit* down, not chomped down. Yes, Houston, we have contact.There is a little pearl of a tooth peaking through the bottom gum line.

It really isn't visible because she won't hold still long enough to let anyone really gander inside of her mouth, but it is easily felt if you are foolhardy enough to stick a digit between her jaws.

props to StarStar for my title