Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Apoplectic Alarm Clock

So, big weekend. On Friday, I had to go in for a strategic meeting at work while the carpets were worked on, on Saturday there was a Fundraiser's Dinner at Church, so Dad was kind of busy, and on Sunday, while Baby Girl and I were heathens in the morning, we did head off to Kankakee in the afternoon with Dad for Debbie Harris's installation.
Debbie was installed two years ago as an interim at First Presbyterian in Kankakee at which, amusingly, Baby Girl's Grandpa Joe preached; this was an installation, however, of her becoming their full-time, can't-get-rid-of-her-short-of- a-scandal pastor. Although, it's funnier to say that the first installation just didn't take.
This was the first time that Baby Girl got to meet (and vice versa) that illusive character known as Reverend Keith Harris. Nine months after having her (and a yummy box from Omaha Steak), Baby Girl got a chance to focus her little blue eyes on yet one more of the persons responsible for helping to bring her into this world.
Keith was reticent to take that much credit.
On Monday, since I had had to work on Friday, I had the day off and Jason had a meeting at Stronghold in Oregon, IL. So we packed into the car that morning, and headed off to enjoy the day together as best we could: in the car.
Actually, Baby Girl had a pretty good time. She was cooed at by all kinds of people, and had mom's undivided attention, and scads of people to look at. She got to eat with everyone, then her and mom went out and played around in the car,

then we took a walk through the grounds. Then she got more milk and headed back into the car seat and got home in time to eat dinner, play uproariously, and head off to dreamland.

This intensely busy schedule led Baby Girl on Tuesday morning to sleep until 6:50 a.m.!! This is unheard of, and created a renewed sense in her father and I about how God is indeed good and we joked about how our "alarm clock" didn't go off.

This morning, we set an alarm clock for 6 a.m.
The alarm woke her up, an at th mo kent she is hellping me to tpye this ..

*Sigh*, God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good.

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