Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Days are long, but the Years are short

Today for breakfast she had oatmeal and prunes and a plate of toast bites with pureed apricot for jam, banana, and pear. Once she gets the finger food, all else goes out the window; she won't eat from a spoon until she is good and ready. She is diligently eating her toast, she picks up a piece and it falls on her tray, just underneath the plate. She looks at it, then she very methodically picks up the plate full of food and casts it aside so she can get to the little bit of toast that has fallen underneath it.
I would not be surprised if this gets turned into a sermon metaphor someday.

She is starting to add a pseudo-"b" sound to her consonant babble and, I think by the end of the month, she could be ambulatory. Yesterday for the first time she got up on all fours, and started to rock back and forth very hard. This was really new, and she was so surprised that she rocked so hard that eventually she shot forward and her limbs gave out from underneath her as her center of balance shifted.

Oh, and in case you were keeping track, Tuesday was Referendum Day and both questions failed. Ugh.

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