Sunday, April 15, 2007

Must be the natives

So we're at the grocery store today, and you would think we have the happiest baby on the planet. She is so fascinated by everyone and everything, and is as quick to coo at them as they are to make eyes at her.
But all of this good natured fun does not preclude a stormy disposition.

She is tired.

It has been a busy weekend. On Friday we went to DeKalb, which in and of itself threw off her naps, but then there were all the people to adore. Then on Saturday, Jason and me got a date (together!), but that meant in the afternoon she went to the Sawyer house with all of the Sawyer women and, 45 minutes of naptime later, she was ready to play! And I think play they did. Today has not been overwhelmingly successful, either. She woke up after only an hour in the afternoon: her little mind racing and ready to play, her body just about ready to give out.
Of course, all of this agonizing sleep scheduling comes with an upside: extreme baby progress. In addition to the tooth, she's decided her first consonant is a hard "g", she is pulling herself up when we sit at the crib,
and, especially when she's on a soft surface and that little tummy doesn't pudge out quite so much, she will on occasion get up on her knees.
However, I can feel the next phase coming toward us in a wave. The early mornings will start to get really restless again, and then the mid-nights, and then the shortly after we go down, and the naps: well, they're almost ready to go to hell in a hand cart.100_4410
But, this won't be like the other times that we've suffered through these things because, for one, we know this restlessness will end (after that two month-long one from January to March, ugh) and, two, she's just getting so darn capable, I can almost forgive her anything.100_4395
Let's just hope she doesn't push it at 3 am. I'm much less forgiving then.Tuckered Out

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