Saturday, April 14, 2007

Naked Lunch

Baby Girl is becoming more and more adept at moving bits of food from her tray and into her mouth. She is fearless in the face of goo. However, this does not encapsulate her care providers.
I have always been quite, well not exac
tly fearless in the face of goo, more of a renegade gorilla (sic) with a sponge. Even Jason finds himself angling away from the projectile hands, as beautifully seen here:

There is nothing quite so sticky as
little fingers covered in anything. Except perhaps the cold drool which constantly emits from her mouth.
However, we have finally realized a purpose for all of the drool. On Tuesday, Jason called me at work, very excited because Baby girl had bit down on his finger. Notice I said *bit* down, not chomped down. Yes, Houston, we have contact.There is a little pearl of a tooth peaking through the bottom gum line.

It really isn't visible because she won't hold still long enough to let anyone really gander inside of her mouth, but it is easily felt if you are foolhardy enough to stick a digit between her jaws.

props to StarStar for my title

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