Friday, May 04, 2007

273 Days

Baby girl hit a big milestone this week. She turned 9 months old this week. She has now spent more time in the world, as it were, then in utero.
To celebrate, on the day before the second she did her first cross-crab crawl

Needless to say, this has sent little ripples of delight through her father and me. It is astounding to think that this little human being, who has spent so much time in the making is actually becoming a little human being. She has even started to lose her infant-looks, and has really moved up to growing not only into her head but also into her features (if you know what I mean).100_4546
She is showing a clear like for certain things ... like food. We have yet to find anything since the first days of trying out textures at which she will turn up her nose.100_4531 She seems to like savory things equally as well as sweet (hence all the naked blueberry meals), and no meal seems complete in her estimation until she has had the opportunity to shove some of it in by herself. She is tolerant of the spoon, but she wants to get in the middle of things.
She is also showing a distinct joy in water. We have bought swim pants for her and are anxiously awaiting a time when we can all gather at the YMCA and see if that prowess extends beyond our bathtub.100_4060
But, perhaps what is most astounding as we observe this milestone this week is the fact that she is so complete and so utterly is. We need to love and nurture her, and we will, but she is already a total human being. We will do nothing to add to that. She knows what she wants, even as she is experiencing those wants for the first time. There is no half-heartedness. Everything is treated with gusto because that is all she knows of life: gusto. Sure, this means that the tears are heart-rending, but the joy, ah, the joy, well, that's worth getting up for in the morning.

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