Sunday, May 13, 2007

Found Moment

Yesterday for lunch, it was just Baby Girl and me. We had just got home from a walk and seeing Dad at church and when we got in we were both starving.
I quickly put together something for her, and set about boiling some water and pasta for myself with the intention that once the pasta was cooked, I would cut some up for her to feed herself while I ate.
Well, the wheat pasta took longer than I thought I would, and I had to ply her with cheese and pears while we waited for the pasta. I finally thought it was done and I took it up, pouring it into a colander in the sink, and took out a couple of pieces to run under cold water.
I went to her tray, and started to tear off a few pieces, only to discover that I had not cooked it enough. So took those pieces to put them back into the microwave, plying her with more pears.
Finally, the microwave went off. I headed to her tray to put some on it so I could have my lunch, too. As I stood over her, Baby Girl looked up at me, barely lifting her head, looking up at me out of the tops of her eyes as I started to put more pasta on her tray as if to say, you have got to be kidding me, lady. Now, you just put more pears on this tray and I won't shrilly remind you of who is in charge here.

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Anonymous said...

Well now that you realize who is in charge things should go smoother. Isn't that right Mom??
Got to take your sister to a forensic thing at school. More later.
"you know who"