Thursday, May 24, 2007

Industrial Lubricant

She has been sick this week.
On Monday I stayed home with her because Jason had a meeting half way across the state. She had a head cold and an incredibly runny nose. The only problem was, every time I went to wipe her nose she would shriek and twist. But, smart little whip that she is, she figured that out soon enough. Every time her nose would itch because it was starting to run, she would sidle up to me, burrow her head into my shoulder, and swab her nose back and forth on my shirt until her nose was nice and dry and my shirt was anything but.
I looked quite a fright by the time Jason got home in the evening.
She is still not entirely well. I think the head cold started out as a virus, and has now turned into a bacterial infection. The poor thing can't hardly breathe well at night.
It is getting better, and I felt so terribly for her as we had had such a splendid weekend. On Friday, we enjoyed our very first of what I hope will be many outings to the Brookfield Zoo. Jason and I had decided that we would buy an annual membership to the zoo so that we could go back throughout the year and let Baby Girl take it all in at her leisure. It was a splendid day, cool and sunny, with loads of kids for her to watch as we strolled about. We took in the giraffes, the penguins, the baboons, the polar bears, and the tiger that was stalking about (obviously inside its enclosure).

On Sunday, we had had such a relaxed and lovely weekend and seeing that it was Confirmand Sunday, Baby Girl and I bundled off to church where she was well-received and everyone made such a fuss over her. However, everyone was so excited to see her, that they just couldn't wait to get their hands on her, literally. Everybody touched her fingers and her palms and, of course, those went right into her mouth.
Which brings us to where we are at today, four days of runny nose later.
But, church was good, regardless, and I look forward even more to the summer schedule coming up in another week when we start earlier in the morning. It is such an obstacle to go in for worship when it coincides perfectly with her morning nap. But during the summer we should be able to just fit in a later morning nap. I am very glad, because I want Baby Girl to be inspired with wonder at the Creation.
When we were going through the penguin "house" at the zoo, there were water tanks all throughout with fish and small sharks and such not. In one particular tank, there were hundred of little creatures, for lack of a better description, each no more than two centimeters long, with eight tiny little legs/flippers, which were moving in perfect synchronism with each other, pushing them through the water. As we stood there and her little blue eyes focused on the fact that there was action going on behind that glass and the swirling pattern of their movement with--what? temperature current, food particles, hormonal secretions telling the group which direction to go?--I realized that this is one of the first big lessons I want her to understand about God. I want her to understand Wonder at the Creation and to know the Grace that comes with it.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Baby Girl has been sick. It is difficult to have to watch her be sick and know you cannot make it all better immediately. All you can do is stand by and give comfort, even if it is to be used as a kleenex. But that did show inventiveness on her part -- agreed she is very smart. But look at her parents!
Long weekend for us being spent at home quietly. Final tests are next week, so studying will be done. Love the picture of Roslyn and Jason at the zoo. The joy on both faces is enough to make your own heart burst with love and joy. Love and kisses to all.