Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh the things you wil bite . . .

We went to see friends in St. Charles on Friday who are pregnant with their second (Henry is 2 and change). Henry is at that stage where the idea of sharing is intriguing, but doing so is another matter entirely. Watching Baby Girl interact made me realize that daycare in a few short months won't be all that bad. I think she'll just enjoy the other kids.

As if I had any lingering doubt from that, on Sunday we went over to the Cimarrolli's for Gina's second birthday. She was the only crawler out of six children (not counting babe-in-arms Alex) and she was so fascinated by everyone and, when we got home, she curled up on her dad's lap with a bottle and promptly conked out.
It was a good strategy to go over on Sunday as she is working on yet MORE teeth. Just as those top two are clearing her gum line, she's working on her bottom-row incisors. Just one is really giving us a run for our money, but the other I don't think will be far behind.
All in all, she was lovely this weekend. It's almost enough to make you think about more ... but not quite.

Buy stock in Tylenol and Vodka (you guess which is for which).

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