Monday, August 27, 2007

White Picket Fence must be around the corner

When we got our tax return this year, we bought a brand new vacuum cleaner.
It is a thing of beauty. It is top rated by Consumer Reports (I do work in a library; when I look something up for myself, it's a reference question) and has a general air of bad-ass-ed-ness. Not to mention it has a dirt sucking sensor feature. This means that I can actually see if there is any dirt left in the carpet before I move to the next spot.
*sigh*, it's beautiful.

Then, when we got back from vacation, we were trying to do laundry so Jason could leave the next day to go to Indiana for Triennium. As the good wife, I went in to move his clothes to the dryer from the washer and stepped into a quarter inch of water.
So we bought a new washer and dryer last month.
Also Consumer Reports rated (natch) and Energy Star rated. I now do laundry in half the time and find myself ruminating over the choices of HE laundry detergent.
I woke up last week and realized that I'm living the dream . . . the 1950's dream.

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Anonymous said...

If I get an invitation to a "tupperware" psrty I will be forced to come and save you from suburbia and your own "little shop".

PS do not feed any plants until Jason gets home.

hugs and kisses from you know who