Monday, September 24, 2007

One hates to brag about one's own children ...

But, if you really don't want to read it, why exactly are you here?

When Jason left for Alaska, for study leave, Baby Girl was only taking one or two steps. By the time he got back, well, she was quite mobile.
I knew she would gain confidence and skills quickly, but she is like a house afire. She pivots; she backs-up; she's *almost* running; she can walk in shoes; she can walk in socks; she can walk in socks on the linoleum; and she knows how to pluck off one sock and hide it from Mom.
I am sure she was on the way to greatness before Labor Day, but now that she's walking and seeing the world from a different perspective, I am looking at her in a new way. I know I wrote that I was the mother of a Toddler, naturally implying the end of her Babyhood, but now I see it. She's taller, she's more thoughtful, and there is a very general air about her of being more knowledgeable about the world.
It's not that she holds a secret; I don't think we have a secretive child (at least, not until puberty sets in), she's much more her father's open disposition. But now, there is a world behind those eyes. Heretofore, she had been more like a funnel than the proverbial sponge; but now things stick. Of course, to follow that analogy to its inevitable conclusion, she leaves everything a bit damp ... which is actually quite true as she is still a little drool factory. Of course, what I mean (proverbially speaking) is that her imprint is firmly on the world.
There are moments in utero that one feels the possibility of life, the overwhelming potentiality. It is the reason why Jason and I didn't want to find out the baby's sex: I enjoyed the extreme nature of possibility with no societal conclusions thrust upon it. But amidst all of that possibility and potentiality, that new life still lacks that imprint. I don't know when Baby Girl got it, but, boy oh boy, she's got it in spades right now.
There are ooodles and oodles of people around us right now having babies. Oi! I won't name them all, because I don't know if I'm allowed to do so yet, but we'll have two babies in November and two more in March. Needless to say, this turns one's minds to the next one. When I look down at Baby Girl and see her smile up at me with that wonder-filled tooth-y grin and expression of love and joy at what she has just discovered in the world, I start to wonder if maybe the time is coming. [Boy oh boy; if any of the little old church ladies are reading this, I have fueled the gossip around the coffee hour for the next month solid. Eh, just doing my bit for the unity of the church: offering up my procreative life for general consumption :) ]
I decided to post this weekend, allergies be hanged, because I had the opportunity to speak to some of our adoring public out there (adoring public in this context meaning, "not related to me in any way, yet still aggregates this blog"), and was brought back to reality that I have been slightly remiss in my duties as Baby Girl's publicist as of late. There is a real lack of videos on YouTube, a dearth of photos of Baby Girl out on Flickr, and the pickings on this particular site have been few and far between since Summer Vacay. It leads one to wonder what kind of operation I'm running here . . .
Well, I can confess to some family obligations (in addition to the one that demanded that I go put covers on all of the electrical outlets RIGHT NOW), but I can also profess a general apathy to chronicling the last couple of weeks. It's not because they haven't been wonderous; that's just it, I think they have been so wonderous that I didn't want to share it. But, that has led to feelings of guilt (after all, you need your hit of Baby Girl goodness, I get that) and lassitude at not knowing where to start. It was easy to chronicle the first year, but the second year, where my American Pediatrics book tells me that the major accomplishment of the second year will be perfecting walking, I have to wonder, well, she's got that down, what's next?
That being said, I need a new theme for the next 6 to 12 months. The first six months and the next six months are taken on Flickr, any suggestions? Do I hear any Baby Girl 2.0 takers out there . . . ? Bueller?

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