Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome to Middle Earth

Well, it has been an eventful and peaceful All Hallow's Eve.
From the moment Baby Girl walked into the house this afternoon and I was unexpectedly in the kitchen, she knew something was afoot. She bedded down for an afternoon nap while I carved the last pumpkin and made Shepherd's Pie for dinner and slept for almost two hours.
When she got up, she was chipper as could be and, without much further ado, may I present Roswyn Brandywine, Frodo's cousin:
There are more pictures on Flickr, and there are way too many of them (especially if you have contact clearance) because I am exceedingly proud of this little foray into a skill I don't actually have.
As for skills I do actually have (me and Napoleon, baby), I was giving out Chocolate Graham treats to the parents of trick-or-treaters and, they were so well received, I had one person (who I didn't know) come back to the house later in the evening to ask for the recipe.

I know whose house is going to be on the candy circuit next year.

I watched Young Frankenstein while cooking the pie for dinner (it was tasty), saw part of Charlie Brown with Baby Girl after we'd gone to the bonfire, and after she'd bedded down, we watched The Village.

All in all, a good Halloween. I'm looking forward to the weekend as it is our annual Open House. I go shopping tomorrow for ingredients for pie and cakes. It'll be on Saturday from 1-4, if you're interested (and you know how to get a hold of me to ask me where we live ;)!

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