Sunday, November 25, 2007

And What Will the Robin Do Then, / Poor Thing?

I got up this morning to look out at the back yard to see that all of our leaves have fallen over the last weekend, that frosts are laying upon the land like sugar topping, and that winter is merely a gentle breath away from the North Wind.

It is a good day.

Yesterday I lazed around sleeping and trying not to be sick (it worked, yeah!) and I ended up at one point watching high school football on the television. I should be clear, I don't watch sports. I wouldn't know a bull from a bear, and when presented with sports questions I tend to be more interested in things like, why the American and National league? What's the difference (I have yet to find anyone that can tell me, including someone I know who did a cruise-by with the Minors)?
So, that being said, let's suffice it to say it was odd that I watched this game. But it was the State 6A championship game between Joliet Catholic Academy (JCA) and Lemont High School. JCA is a private school (parochial) in the area and their football teams are well known. Obviously there are parents who choose the school not only because of its excellent academics, but also because their child shines in some particular way in a sport. What I am saying is that by sheer will of choice and demographics, of course JCA has excellent players. That aside, however, these young men are phenoms. I watched an organization of men that played like those three or four years their senior. It was spectacular.
Needless to say, JCA won (trounced Lemont is more like it). During the game the newscaster on the scene in Champaign (the games for the championships were played at the Illini stadium) talked to various parents. One thing that really resonated with me as she asked her mundane but well-meant questions was how awe-inspiring it is to watch your child do these amazing things when they are on the cusp of adulthood. Right now, Baby Girl is so little and she will be dependent on us for some time to come, but there will come a day that I will look at her and see her as a full human being, someone who is no longer a part of me, but has become someone unto herself with her own talents and gifts graced by God. I find myself as excited to meet that person who she will become as I was to meet her initially.

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Anonymous said...

God has truly blessed you. I know how I felt about you and how I could not wait until you were old enough so we could have a conversation. And as the saying goes -- "the rest is

Only a higher power could create these feelings and to make it possible for have and accept them.

Love and hugs