Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So, About the Drool on the Granger's Poetry

Jason had a Session meeting tonight in Wilmington, so he brought Baby Girl to the library as he has to do on these nights in order to make it to the meeting in time. When they got there, I was still finishing up with a cart of books at my desk. They were all reference books, and I didn't want to leave the evening staff with the whole lot of them, so Baby Girl and I headed out to the shelves to put them up. She had a great time out in the Stacks discovering that she could see people's shins though the holes in between the books.

It was such a pleasure to be able to put her down and to walk around with her behind me, something which has been in short supply for the last couple of weeks. I see her personality changing, and I often wonder if it is a function of her growing brain development, or if her personality is genuinely changing, or if she just has a head cold. Regardless, it was nice to see again the one who I have come to think of as Baby Girl, and not the devil-spawn, some-whine-with-that-cheese-?, laugh-riot She-Ra that she parades about as from time to time.

God, I love this kid . . . I must do. She's the only one allowed to shriek at me until--for the love of all that is holy--I get her a graham cracker.

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Anonymous said...

After yesterday's thoughts, I felt you could not get any more inspiring words about your child and yourself.
But, once again, I was wrong. Love is a wonderful blessing and to share it is such a unique experience, and to have your ability to express them
it something above and beyond and only God given.

Love and hugs