Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So, The Big Day Came ...

Last week, as you may know, Baby Girl turned 15 months old.
This week, because she is ready for the Toddler Room, she started daycare two days a week.
Today is her first day.

Now, originally I wasn't at all worried about her heading off to day care. When we went to tour the facility a couple of weeks ago, all three of us, when we went into the toddler room, she got down and played with the toys, enjoying all of the new things to interact with. The kids themselves were outside at the time, so she didn't understand that there would be other children. Then, after I picked her up and we were heading to the door, all of the kids, who had been outside playing, came in. She took one look at that line of kids coming in the door and started waving and saying, "hi!" like they were coming into her house.

This morning was no exception. When we got there, she squirmed to get down, wanting to see what these other kids were doing, wanting to see how she could join in the play. She barely gave me a second glance and, even after I reached over and gave her a brief hug and a quick peck, her cry of indignation at my departure was short lived. By the time I got to the front of the building, I could see on the closed circuit television that she had hopped down off of the lap of one of the caregivers and was already moving on to the next thing.

It was an odd thing moving down that hallway, heading out that door, getting in my car, and driving away. I've always left her with people we know when she isn't with Jason. That walk down the hallway was a long one, and definitely one that signaled a juncture, for all of us.

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