Saturday, December 29, 2007

Her Kaiju Phase

On Christmas Morning when Baby Girl woke up, Jason and I had decided that we would feed her breakfast before we took her out to see what Santa had brought her, a Fisher Price Farm with REAL barnyard sounds.
However, in my early morning stupor, I took her into the living room to turn on the tree and open the blinds, a normal morning activity for us. Her eye immediately honed in on that farm set up and all of its accessories. She didn't say a word, but as we walked to the kitchen, I could feel those steely-blue eyes burning into that fascinating new temptation that had appeared overnight.
I put her down in order to make her milk and then lift her up to eat, and she took off like a shot, heading for the tree and that new sight.
We followed her; what could you do?
She circled it for a moment, in awe, and then she threw up her arms to the sky and preceded to shout out like Godzilla. She then started walking forward and then fell upon the barn, knocking it over, scattering the animals, and generally wreaking havoc. Seriously, I kept expecting Raymond Burr to appear at any time.
Needless to say, there was so much excitement, I haven't quite let her know yet that there is a switch on the bottom that turns on the animal sounds. Hmmmmm, that might wait until the new year.

We're in Kansas City right now, visiting family, so Happy New Year to all!

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