Sunday, January 06, 2008

Everything's Up To Date in Kansas City

We got back from our trip after another 9+ hours in the car on Friday.

We opened presents, visited family, had big meals, ran around like crazy people, enjoyed some free babysitting, caught colds, gave each other conjunctivitis (Baby Girl was first), got prescriptions, served raw meat to family (which no one saw as being a subtle message with an edge to it ... hmmm, ;) ), made amends with crème brûlée, and had one good night of sleep for everyone, at the same time, the entire time we were there . . . the first night.

That being said, it was a great trip.

Now, before I go any further, I should warn our families that I am just expostulating here and by no means should any of you get in any way excited.

While Jason and I were out on our anniversary--enjoying some of that free babysitting--we had an excursion to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum to see the new addition. As the Nelson was my first experience with a fine art museum, it holds a lot of sentimental value for me, in particular because there are aspects of the collection that I know so well, and also because they own my favorite Impressionist piece of all-time (which, of course, was in storage). The new addition has allowed them to open up their modern and post-modern collections, and they are re-vamping the Asian collections and, while the new addition is open, renovation will continue into 2010.
As we strolled, very excited at everything we were seeing, and then meandered on down to the Plaza for a late lunch at one of our all-time favorites, it kept occurring to me how absolutely comfortable Kansas City feels. It is, as Jason so succinctly put it, a very human-sized city. In preparation for our anniversary date, I had patrolled several theatre company websites in the city to see what was going on (nothing spectacular, everyone was in post-Christmas lull), and saw several new companies and spaces and, I will admit, spent some time scheming about how I could fit myself back into it all.
And did I mention all of the free babysitting?
But, that would mean leaving here: here where we have friends, where Jason and I both have jobs, where we like the seasons, where I have painted walls in this house, where life just doesn't feel quite done yet.
So, as I was saying to my mother-in-law, Jason and I feel like the next place is one of four locales, and Kansas City was in that list with no particular order or preference. I think it may have just found a little bit of preference this last week.
*Sigh*, it would all be so simple if we could just pick up this part of the world (at least, the bits I like) and move them all to that part of the world; the only problem is, I think I want the summers here, too. I have had enough of 85% humidity to last me a lifetime.

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