Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Whole New Interface

In the Study at home, we have our computer desktop. This is where the rather tantalizing (at least, to Baby Girl) infrared, wireless keyboard lives that was Mom's Christmas present last year. In order to help curb her enthusiasm for hitting the space bar and the extra little button that closes whatever window you are currently working in, we drug out of the closet one of our old keyboards. It sits on the floor, not plugged in, so she can bang away any old time she wants.
Apparently this afternoon she spent a good solid ten minutes with the end of the cord trying to plug it into her belly button.

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Anonymous said...

Wish I was going to work on Friday so I could regale the office with the latest Roslyn antics. They laugh very nicely when I tell them what she has done now. They might as well, whether they pretend to enjoy them or really do, I am still going to tell them and this one is really a good one. I hope I will remember it by Monday -- who as I kidding, of course I will remember. Hugs, kisses and lots of love