Saturday, February 23, 2008

As If You Needed a Reason

First off, I love Flickr.
Lana introduced me to Flickr almost two years ago. I was charmed by the friendliness, easy usability, and all the pretty pictures. I quickly saw it as a way to keep our far-away family firmly in the know as Jason and I embarked upon this baby-making business.
Over time, I found more reasons to love Flickr, in large part due to all of their partnering companies. Now I have one more.
Photojojo is offering your very own Flickr time capsule.
Here's a sample of my first one.

*omg, I think I'm in heaven.*

Now if only they had a way to embed it in a webpage or to allow others to RSS subscribe, and you all could join me in all my Flickr goodness.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new blogs. The picture of Melissa and Roslyn from your desktop is grreat. Can you put in on flicker so I can pull if off?

Lots of Love and kisses

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot one other comment. Look at any family's pictures of children and the whole family from age one and on. There are always shadows of bruises on the child's face. It just shows they are happy and actively learning every day.

PS If you have not found the EXTRA pacifier it is because I found it on my dresser. Guess she put it there for safekeeping during the night.

Melissa said...

I can't put it on Flickr because I didn't take it, so I don't own it. But, it is good, isn't it?

Actually, those aren't bruises on her nose. That is a vein which is there even now, but her skin tone is starting to disguise it more. The other colors are her lunch :)

And my guess on the pacifier is that her putting it there was entirely intentional. We want to make sure these things are everywhere we go.