Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Maybe I should file as a PAC

We were in Kansas City this past weekend, and I will have a bit more thoughtful prose on that later on. In the interim, a bit of catch-up:

Jason is having an affair with his third love (after Baby Girl and me, natch).

Baby Girl fell at daycare and hit herself in two places: at the corner of her mouth and next to her eye. When I picked her up that night, that formed an almost beautiful and perfect circle in alignment with her cheekbones. In an ironic twist, however, the bit next to her mouth is what turned a deep, relentless purple. So, we still haven't taken the family pictures I had planned for the first of the year. I mean, it's the first of the year until it's the second quarter ... right?

Obama won Illinois' Democratic Primary and, chances are, in your state, too, and has won something like the last bazillion contests. I'm so happy, I feel like I should go volunteer to be a candy striper. He appears well on his way to being a contender.
Mitt Romney dropped out of the race (excuse me, suspended his campaign), so I at least have respect for the Republican front-runner (we will not talk about Huckabee, except for two words: Fair Tax. Nuf' said).
While we were in Kansas City this weekend, we were shown this and since my first reaction was, "Why, dear God in heaven, didn't I think of this?", I knew I had to help the internet put it out there:

Since that was a moment of frivolity, let's counterpoint that with an excellent example of Michelle Obama's stump speech, given just before Super Tuesday in Delaware. There are seven parts in all, and you have to get to parts 3 and 4, because that's where the fire is. The video quality isn't great, but all you need to do is listen. Here's the first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwkHFfO7hG8

Also, if you haven't seen the Yes, We Can video, it's embedded at the bottom of the blog. If I could figure out a way to get it to play in the background when you load the page, I would have. If you can help me on this, let me know how to trick out the YouTube scrip. If you can help me on this and are sick of Barack Obama, don't email me, and also you might not want to come back until after November, because I'm going to be a bit obsessive over the next few :-)

Oh, and last night as I was getting dinner ready, Baby Girl came up behind me, and buried her face in my legs. This was all very sweet, until I felt four little front teeth sink into the flesh of my inner thigh.
I screamed like a little girl, an angry, little girl.

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