Monday, March 17, 2008

Flying in the Face of My INTJ-ness

It was a very busy, but very good, weekend.
We had friends over on Friday night for dinner. He is someone that I work with and have really enjoyed getting to know over the last few years. He does technology for our libraries and is one of the people that I have encountered during this library-gig who is helping me to move beyond the understanding that I have harbored in the past that technology can be impersonal and, at times, demoralizing (not to mention has helped me embrace my inner txtr, lol). These librarians who gravitate toward technology see it as a way to connect with others and to make those connections where none existed. Ultimately, I have found people who embody, "I am from the government and I am here to help you, and I have also brought a computer with me to make that happen," without smirking.
On Saturday, Baby Girl had an Egg Hunt at the library in the morning (pictures on Flickr later tonight), I went to a baby shower in the afternoon, and on Saturday night I went to go see a friend's production of Proof. She just had a baby in November and, with an incalculable amount of strength and verve, then proceeded to go into rehearsal with a two-month old in the wings.
After the show, I went and sat in her living room with a glass of champagne and baby Oliver sleeping in the corner and whiled away a couple of hours. She is the kind of person that I can say things that hadn't formed in my brain yet, but when they come out of my mouth I realize they have always been a part of what I believe. I love that about her. I think later this year we may be collaborating on another show, and I am as giddy as a girl getting ready to go on the third date with "the one".
So, a good weekend. I may be an INTJ, but my "I" may have staved off a notch over the last few days.
In that contest between Elwood and Kansas City? Hmmmm, we may have just tied it up in the top of the fifth, ladies and gentlemen.

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