Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Think Next Time, Instead of Taking Vacation, I'll Just Take Sick Leave

So, we're in Kansas City.

So, Baby Girl is vomiting.

If you don't appreciate the irony of this, I suggest you look here.

We are here to see the beauty of God's Creation as most recently expressed in our niece and she is, indeed, wondrous. There will be pictures to Flickr after we're back home.
We are assured that Baby Girl's bug should only be 24 hours . . . if you don't count the anomaly of Uncle Ian who is now in his third or fourth day of sickness.
The goal now is for Jason and I to remain healthy enough in order to get near that little bundle of joy that is our niece.
Did I mention that we are people of faith who believe in a gracious and merciful God? (I mention that just in case God has a blog roll . . .)?

Oh, by the way, we've been here a whole year. Thanks for coming around and seeing us.

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Anonymous said...

you should tell people when you start a blog!