Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey There!

We're still alive.

Our newest Flickr Photo Time Capsule.

Oh, and a message from my favorite Populist.

Be well.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

My child woke up one morning the week before last temperamental, clingy, needy, shriek-y, wouldn't eat, wouldn't comply, and choosing to ram her way through life with that hard little head of hers.

So, yes, she's obviously my child.

Since we were in Kansas City (and last we left the Carle's), and she got over her sickness, sleep has been chaotic. This has paralleled the not wanting to eat, and all of this has been nicely rounded out by her screaming at the slightest little infraction.

We have withdrawn from the blog-o-sphere because, quite frankly, writing about it seemed to require that I keep a bottle of Johnnie Walker close at hand (the American Modernists would be proud). Instead, I opted for posting pictures to Flickr of happier times.

But, dare I say it, we may have, well, not rounded a corner, per se, but may have paused to look at the dandelions growing up through the cracks. I decided that sleep was the most important thing, and to that end she slept LOTS yesterday and we have been rewarded with a happier imp.

Part of all this good sleep may be a very direct result of our brand new BIG GIRL BED!
I don't know if she's all that excited, but I'm pretty darn giddy. Along with no more crib rails, this also means no more pacifiers, and we had a little ceremony at the big trash can in the garage, pitching them in one at a time (of course, I kept a few hidden, just in case I completely and utterly cave in a week).

At bedtime and at naptime there was no shrieking, she crawled in under her brand new bed linens, laid her head down, and headed for the land of nod. She only fell out of the bed once, although she did get herself into some pretty precarious positions during the night. But, overall, this experiment seems to have gone well.

Oh, and while National Library Week has already passed, I just found out about this this week.

It really does beg the question, how do you undo nerve gas?

Oh, and as to the Holy Water, we're pretty sure it would work best against Zombies because Vampires have more Hit Points. Plus, the Vampires have higher charisma, so they might even charm you into not throwing it. (Williams, Skip, Jonathan Tweet, and Monte Cook. Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual: Core Rulebook III v.3.5. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 2003. pp. 251 & 265)