Saturday, July 12, 2008

All of this and you want a catchy title?

[You ringing doorbell] ding-dong

[Me answering door] Hello? Oh, [beat] hi, it's been so long since we've seen each other. Come in. Just navigate around those -[indicating piles of boxes that have lived in living room for last two months which are the baby clothes from Roslyn that may or may not get sorted before January. At this rate, when I need clothes for the baby, we'll just go dig through the boxes in the living room]-and come and sit down [wait a moment to have to push the futon back into a sitting position as have been banishing Jason to futon at night as I now take up 85% of the bed in order to get a good night's sleep]. Can I get you something to drink? Let's see, I have milk, more milk, ginger ale, decaf tea, decaf coffee . . . just water? Ok, I don't think the Brita pitcher has anything in it, but the EPA hasn't sent us any notices lately, ha-ha, so tap water is ok? oh, and I don't have any ice, but I'll let the water run for a bit, that'll make it cooler. Can offer you something to eat [picking up keys from table]? I just need to run the store, I'll be right back. Feel free to make yourself at home, and, you know, do a load of laundry.

So ... how you doin'?

Yeah, me too.

We closed in on 14 weeks yesterday and by all measurements and accountings, I have left the first trimester behind. So why, I ask you for the love of pete, do I feel so crappy? This last week was a particularly new low as I would feel at 9:30 in the morning what it used to take me all day to feel. Now, some of you might get all concerned at this point. Are you coming down with something, is your blood sugar doing ok, how about your iron, are you taking your pre-natal vitamin? No, it's all fine, I can (and my OB can) assure you, I'm am just busy making a human being. You see, in a normal world, I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep on a regular basis to function. These days it would seem I could stand, oh, I don't know, 18 to 20 hours of sleep. So, by my standards, not a lot is getting done.

Although, as I say that, we are relatively clean, we've had house guests, I re-planted my herb garden, we are using up all of the CSA box every week, and the laundry, while it is a constant-sized pile, it isn't actually growing, ergo, somebody must be doing it. So, maybe I'm so tired because instead of sleeping I'm somnambulating and taking care of chores? At this point nothing would surprise me.

I have grown tired of my blog color scheme, and tweaked it a bit this week. I was finding that the soft-white (let's call it eggshell) text on the dark blue background was actually giving me a bit of a headache. Along with that I added some new stuff over on the right and moved it all around a bit. This is the thing for the summer. We have joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, aka Farmshare) for the last couple of years, but this year we got a full, weekly share and I am loving it.
I could stand here on my soapbox (well, slumped next to it sitting, actually) and preach all kinds of things to you but my love for CSA's boil down to just a few things:
  • relationship with a farmer
  • relationship to the seasons
  • great, fresh food
  • not feeling like I'm causing tons of carbon dioxide to be emitted into the atmosphere in order to get my organic salad greens from California: priceless
So, for the next several months I will try to update what is in our box this week and, when there are pictures available I will throw them up here somehow. I also will try to list some of the things we're eating with the box because, hey, how useless is a list of bitter greens making you all jealous of me if you don't know I'm going to cover them in bacon? That's what I thought.

As for Baby Girl, I have a couple of stories, one of which is a Fourth of July story, a phone story, and a bubbles story, but they should be their own posts, so, for now, I will leave you with the expectation of seeing my soft, uranium-like, yellow-cake second trimester glow at some point in the future and say adieu.

btw, since I haven't managed to take any pictures in the last month (or two), here are some from one of our house guests just so you don't forget what we look like.


lana said...

I am right there with you on the following: house clutter, fatigue, an unnaturally-long first trimester, and the CSA! I can report from 23 weeks that things are better, although I do not remember getting out of the first trimester funk until maybe around 18-20 weeks. Still pretty tired but that may be due to #1.

You can check out our CSA at, there are newsletters you can download that detail what's in the basket each week. There are recipes too that you might find useful since it looks like we are getting similar produce. It's totally fantastic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love garlic scapes. I sautee them, grill them and worry that there won't be any more in this week's box.

Melissa said...

I adore garlic scapes, too, and green garlic. In fact, this year I forced garlic indoors and had some lovely green garlic. It was so easy, I'm thinking of doing it again.
The garlic scapes, although uncalled for in a green sauce, worked fabulously well in my green sauce for my salmon cakes. They made it that extra bit of savory. I did have to use lemon instead of vinegar because I thought the brightness of the citrus would be an important counterpoint to the garlic, but it was delicious for the salmon.

Anonymous said...

okay I am still anonymous because I haven't figured out to give myself a name on this. I was remembering when you were in England and we didn't even have email to communicate with == lots of things have certainly changed since then. After reading your latest insight into your world, you had me feeling "poor baby" until I got to the right side box of how you were preparing all those lovely fresh vegetables. Then once again I can be proud of just how creative you are, and I do not mean your just your writing but all those things you do that you just take for granted as everyday things. They are above and beyond us other mere mortals. I came across the menu from Christmas 2007 in my desk at work the other day and now it is in sight whenever I open a particular drawer. Gives me a very proud and warm loving thought of you during my day. Oh well so be it in my world. LOTS OF LOVE MOM