Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't, Don't, Don't

Don't ever tell a pregnant woman she doesn't look pregnant.

You can tell her she carries it well. You can tell her she doesn't look that far along. You can even tell her that considering she is X months along, she looks great. But even if she is only two months pregnant, don't tell her she doesn't look pregnant.

You especially don't tell her that you can't even tell she is pregnant, implying that this bulge around her mid-section is a part of her everyday physique.

After all, you weren't the one the woke up that morning to discover the four pairs of pants you can fit into are all in the wash and had to stop and have a little cry about that.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back Amongst Civilization

I've realized that for those of you not intimately acquainted with every aspect of our social life, you probably wonder what large cliff we got dropped off of. Or maybe you just assumed I had taken a flying-leap off of Mount Gravid.

But, have no fear, all is well at CarleLife. We have been on vacation far away from phones (no cell phone reception and Jason left his new toy, his new blackberry her, which, by the way, did you know that modern technology is not meant to withstand a wash cycle in a vertical dryer, twice?) and with no internet, which means that life is better than well, it is very good, indeed.
I can say this despite the fact that on the day we got ready to go, our hard drive on our desktop crashed. I am not sure what kind of crash we're talking about: fender bender or semi-truck plowing into you during an ice storm. But all will be well as the drive that crashed doesn't have the last two years' worth of pictures on it, and Jason's important files are on his laptop, so I will be exploring the joys of data recovery (at least, I hope we will) as soon as I get it to a friend who has agreed to look at it (and install a sound card, so, yeah!). Due to this state of technology-flux, I am working off of an old laptop, a wonderful stand-me-by, but not the speediest thing that's come down the pike, so my posts may be sporadic at best (I frustrate easily) and my picture posting may be non-existent for a while.
I can still assert that life is good, indeed, even though when we got home the CD player on the stereo seems to be potential toast. After all, it does have a few miles on it. I mean, Jason did buy it for himself when he graduated ... from high school, so I suppose something like this was bound to happen at some point (we love Sony).

I can be so optimistic in the face of adversity (such as it is), because we had a glorious time at the Lake of the Ozarks, preceded by a lovely weekend in St. Louis where Jason performed marriage for his best man at our wedding. It has been a good, solid two weeks in which I have had the chance to watch my daughter grow, found out what she has to tell me about how to enjoy life, and gotten to think very long and seriously about what this next, new life will teach me.
I am well-rested (and well-fed) and ready to face what, my Google Calendar assures me, will be a crazy week at work next week. But, these two weeks has brought the change in the weather: Fall, my favorite time of year. We made apple butter (over 17 pints) while we were gone, I have re-introduced myself to a great Soup cookbook I own, I will have a late birthday present coming in the mail (oh, yes, I turned 33 while on vacation) of two books I have desperately wanted and awaited. Our CSA is preparing to finish up at the end of the month and as I see the end of the year's harvest come into my kitchen, I will be putting aside herbs from my garden and looking into buying a deep freeze so I can preserve even more of our CSA harvest next year.
The light is changing and shrinking, telling my mind and my body to sit and be thoughtful, and my vacation confirmed that this is the correct thing to do. So, I entreat you all to find Sabbath this October, in between the bustle of pumpkins and Halloween costumes.