Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't, Don't, Don't

Don't ever tell a pregnant woman she doesn't look pregnant.

You can tell her she carries it well. You can tell her she doesn't look that far along. You can even tell her that considering she is X months along, she looks great. But even if she is only two months pregnant, don't tell her she doesn't look pregnant.

You especially don't tell her that you can't even tell she is pregnant, implying that this bulge around her mid-section is a part of her everyday physique.

After all, you weren't the one the woke up that morning to discover the four pairs of pants you can fit into are all in the wash and had to stop and have a little cry about that.

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Tamara said...

Ha! Don't tell her she looks like a moose either!

I walked in to deliver Luke (8 lb 3 oz) and stopped in to see my coworkers. One of the docs is morbidly obese (400+ lb) and has the gall to say, "Wow, you are HUGE. You look like you are going to pop."

It was all I could do not to smack him and say, "Do you own a mirror? You look like you're 17 months pregnant and ate a horse for lunch."

Geez. The only okay things to say, IMO, are "Wow, you look lovely," "Pregnancy looks so good on you," "You are just glowing," and the like. All size references should be nixed before proceeding past the lips.