Saturday, November 01, 2008

Riding High

I wonder why John Denver never wrote a song about Sugar-Highs.

I mention this because today has been a non-stop, all-out tour de force for Roslyn's pancreas as she has been working to deal with the amounts of sugar she has been directing into her system.

I speak of, course, of the Halloween-aftermath. We were a bit trepidatious since this year we decided she would actually get some of her Halloween candy (last year she got to look at it all and then she went to bed and never was to be seen again...truly a scary Halloween story). Jason and I decided last night, after we "traded" some of the chocolate in her loot for animal crackers and fruit snacks (but by no means all, you traditionalists out there), that today would be an all out candy day. All day long she has been able to ask, for the most part at will, for things from her treat bucket. The caveat here is that when she goes to bed tonight, so does the rest of her booty. It will all be re-distributed back into the house's candy's reserves (don't look at me like that; you're just jealous you don't have a year-round stash of candy and that you didn't think of it first), the Halloween bucket and will get put up for another year and on Sunday morning we will say no more about it.

As a strategy, it's working so far today, and I think will work fine for us tomorrow. I can't take claim for thinking it up on my own, I read about it somewhere that dentists would suggest having a huge binge and then eating normally after that binge; it's easier on your teeth when you aren't constantly encasing them in sugar every couple of hours for a couple of weeks. So, as long as she doesn't go into a diabetic coma, it'll all be fine.

But, and of course you are right to ask, what was Roslyn Girl for Halloween? Well, since Jason had found a rather fetching Gandalf hat at Gen-Con, it was necessary that Frodina make a re-appearance this year. We did have to re-work aspects of the costume as the transition from being one year old to two years old is a big one (taller and rounder), but it turned out ok. More on Flickr.


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