Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Our Lives Change

Just a quick shout-out as we are heading out to Decatur later today to go to a friend's wedding.
I thought I would share with you a quick glimpse into my life, and how it has changed, now that I have a child (with child-ren being a noun that is on the way).

When I use to go to weddings this was the "party-purse" that I switched to:
Quiet, demure, it has just enough room for my ID, a couple of tissues, a tube of lipstick, and a 20; what else could you possibly need for a party?

When I was pregnant, this became my party-purse:
Admittedly, I upgraded because I needed room for my Kodak, I took my whole wallet so I didn't have a credit card and my Insurance card running around loose, and I could stick in a box of Altoids.

Now, this has become my party-purse:
I think I might be channeling my grandmothers with this one.
Have a look inside:

But, it is all worth it
So, in case you're wondering how else life has changed since I last blogged, have a look at Flickr, as I have been having more of a presence there lately. I stopped blogging for a while because, quite frankly, there are only so many ways one can say that you're tired.
Also, check-out the 20 week ultrasound shots. We definitely have another tadpole!