Thursday, January 01, 2009


That Rosy Glow is not me being pregnant. It's the color of my nose.

I'm sick (or, if you'd prefer, I'mbe thicke), and have been since Christmas. It started as a run of the mill head cold, ramped up to an infection in my eye, and now seems to be flirting with my ears. Seeing as how I am still an incubator, I can't really take anything, and seeing as how I am this late term (39 weeks today), I am doing really well if I can sleep for about 5 hours at a time.
I rallied briefly on Tuesday, but it has been downhill from there since my ears got involved. For all I know, my child (you know, the one not in the womb) is in the other room single-handedly pulling down the Christmas Tree: it all just sounds like a whoosh-whoosh noise to me.
But, I had a meeting with the OB on Wednesday (actually, one of her partners) who assured me that a chest cold (if this becomes a chest cold, which it tries) will not keep me from a C-Section and shouldn't result in any complications like Death. It just means, as I joyfully exclaimed to a doctor who doesn't know me and didn't really get my sense of humor when I said it, oh good! I'll be sick and I'll have a scar!
I really hope I don't go into labor between now and next week (when my OB is back from Vacay), because the doctor to whom I just suggested I might be crazy (like really crazy, not just pregnant crazy) would be my attending; awkward.

So, since it's a New Year and since I'm feeling icky, I thought I should post. For those of you that have not yet heard, Monday, January 5th is the big day. I am scheduled for a C-Section that afternoon and I am crossing my legs until then because I want the opportunity to not be sick before the baby comes.
Tomorrow is Jason's and my wedding anniversary and I think I will spend it being sick. We might go see a movie. We might sit around and listen to me moan. If I feel really spectacular, we will drive to an Indian Buffet since, unless I can canoodle my MIL or SIL when they come, the only sub-continent cuisine I'm getting in the next few months is going to be a Curry Simmer Sauce from Trader Joe's. But they have freezer naan bread, so, it's not too bad.

All the best for a New Year that brings you happiness. I'm working on mine.

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