Saturday, August 01, 2009

All Aboard!

Well, we've done it.

We're on the Potty Train.

This is what Roslyn likes to call it and, since it's her accomplishment, who am I to argue? Last week she started wearing the big girl underpants and, consequently, has now sailed (I say this because I have mentally blocked the horrible few days where the accidents required OxiClean to cope, if you see what I mean) into several accident-free days in which she is asserting her readiness for her big day tomorrow: THREE YEARS OLD!
There is cake and a party and good fun happening tomorrow, and I will update on that after it has happened.

In the interim, we should chat about the last two weeks. It's been good. Jason had a birthday. He's 35. It was a good birthday, quiet here at home, but filled with the goodness that his birthday present would bring: ice cream.
I was lamenting at the beginning of the month that I didn't know what to get him, and then half jokingly offered to get him an ice cream maker. Not one to let grass grow, Jason pounced on this. But, I demurred because I have wanted an electric ice cream maker for the last three summers and have always put it off until the frost and then talked myself out of it. I felt guilty at the thought of getting Jason for his birthday a "gift" that was really something I wanted. But, I thought about it and proffered this:
An ice cream maker and 12 new ice cream flavors, one a week over the period of four months.
So, we've had chocolate flake mint (not green, thank you very much) ice cream, blueberry sorbet, and buttermilk ice cream (don't knock it until you've tried it). Plus, Jason has made maple ice cream with walnuts and last night we made cinnamon ice cream for company. It's all very good and has incited Jason to procure a bicycle.
That following weekend Roslyn and I went and picked blueberries and the four of us went to the Renaissance Faire (huzzah!) on Saturday. Also, we've been clipping right along with fresh veg and fruit and I've frozen blueberries and peaches and made raspberry jam and plum ginger preserves.
So, you see, I've been far too occupied at night to properly fill you in, dear internets. But, pictures will be taken tomorrow of the very first BIG birthday party. Come back and see how it went!

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