Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bad Mommy Day

When Jason got home this afternoon for his brief 45-minute respite between afternoon work and his evening bible study class, I offered him $ 1,000 if he would stay home with the kids and let me go to church and teach his class.
He asked if I wrote him a check, could he deposit it. I said sure, but the bank might look at him a little funny as he tried to deposit a check into his account drawn on the same account.

Kids kicked my butt today, then cried when they had defeated me.
*sigh* I need to teach them to be better winners.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Interchangeable Parts

The other night before bed Roslyn was having a rough time of it. Nothing she was trying to do was going well and she had been sent to her room (for the third time) with a stern voice about getting her pajamas on.
I went to her bedroom to get Sam's pj's and encouraged her to do what Daddy was telling her to do.
"Can you read me my story, mommy," she asked as she miserably began taking off her clothes saying, "I want to switch."
"You want to switch what, honey?"
"I want to switch people!"

Monday, December 07, 2009

I Just Read it for the Articles

As pointed out yesterday by my husband:

If this and this are my food porn, than Whole Foods must be my red light district.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Landed Gentry

We bought a house ...
... a month ago!

So, if you had been wondering, this is a primary reason as to why we have dropped off the face of the earth (*temporarily*).
The additional reason would be three teeth. Specifically, three teeth since we moved at the end of October is Samuel's tally so far.
So, we've moved and I've had lots of feelings of loss and gain and have explored lots of things and unpacked many boxes and made adjustments now that I am home all day but, mainly, I've just needed a nap. So, if these things become important, we'll revisit this ground. In the meantime, let's move onward!