Monday, November 01, 2010

Hall-O-Weeny Time

Yet another successful Halloween.

Roslyn was in a rather quickly improvised Belle costume (ala Beauty and the Beast) as she saved the delightful tidbit that she wanted to be Belle for Halloween until about two weeks before the big day.
For Sam we trotted out Frodo again. Depending on how verbal he is next year, I realize this may be the last time I get to con one of the kids into wearing my first foray into Halloween costuming.

So, we trick or treated in our 'new' neighborhood for the first time, and it went very well. It won't be our new neighborhood come tomorrow, as tomorrow is one year since we closed on the house. We were in the backyard today and as I looked around at the swingset, herb garden, and other accouterments of our life that we've put in, it was good, because it looks like we might be the ones that live here.


I hope you had a good Halloween and ate enough candy to feel decadent without eating so much that you wanted to drink your weight in water.

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Kelly Stivers said...

It sounds like the kids had a great time. They looked so cute in their costums (Jason too... lol)!

I was lucky enough to talk my boys (who are now 5 and 3) into picking costums that go along with their birthday themes for 2011 so that they can use them again. It wasn't a very hard sell because Bryce (5) is really into firemen (he was a fireman) and Ty (3) is really into horses (he was a cowboy).

Tes (5 months) I'll most likely be able to dress in whatever I please for at least another year or so.