Saturday, March 09, 2013

In which Obamacare begins to look like a Hail Mary

What the f---?

So mom was discharged yesterday to go home. She seemed stronger, although by no means perfectly well, so this was good but a step in the process, blah, blah, blah.

Today she is headed back to the hospital. The social worker assigned to follow-up in the home today came in and said, no, she was wrongfully discharged and that this is not a safe environment for her ability level and she needs to go to the hospital this weekend so that on Monday she can go back into rehab and continue with therapy.

I am trying to look at this as part of the journey for my parents to understand that this is necessary (i.e. she really wasn't ready to be home last night) and not trying to focused on how seriously screwed up this is. I am trying to focus on being grateful for the social worker that is pulling the plug at this point, instead of having to be grateful for the orthopedic surgeon that undoubtedly would have been repairing mom's broken bones eventually had we continued on with this.

I have no control.

I think I might go make bread.

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